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Welcome to the North Down parents forum.

Welcome to Bangor Mums!  We are a forum created by parents, for parents.  Our aim is to provide our members with friendship and support.  

We all need activities to keep our little ones busy, this is why we regularly arrange child friendly meet ups and encourage all members to get involved and be a part of our community, online and offline.  Feel free to ask us any questions and please make yourself at home!

Our members are friendly and non-judgemental making it a safe place to air thoughts and concerns.  Give it a try 👭

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  1. Mums and Tots

    Hiya Claire, Congrats on the baby! I've a 7 month old myself, they grow up so fast, so cherish every moment (impossible to cherish the colic though). I don't currently go to any mums and tots as I try to make the most of the semi peace and quiet in the morning while my eldest is at school. With my first baby I went to West Church, which is on the Rathmore Road onTuesday at 10am, I also went to Ballygilbert on a Thursday at 10am. Out of the two I found that Ballygilbert was less chaotic than West Church - both are lovely groups though. Ballygilbert has a corner of the room set up specifically for babies. Some of the girls registered on this forum attend both groups. With west Church you literally just show up and pay at the door (I think it's a pound). With Ballygilbert they might be full up and require you to go on a waiting list, it was like that when I attended with Lola, @Nicolais it still this way now nic? Also highly recommend Aurora toddler time, info here: I'll be taking my wee one to toddler timeafter the summer holidays (toddler time doesn't run over the summer), so if you wanted to try it with some company you're welcome to come along!
  4. Did you go to this last year nic? Just wondering if it's worth going to. Sent from my SM-N910F using Tapatalk
  7. Lovely clothes on there. I hope the business goes well for her! Sent from my SM-N910F using Tapatalk
  8. Fortitude

    I watched a few episodes of season 1, enjoyed the first couple, but lost interest. It has good reviews though, maybe worth another shot.
  9. It's an add on item. Good reviews, worth a try!
  10. Coke zero cans

    Pack of 10 for £2.50 at tesco springhill, for anyone as addicted to it as I am!
  11. Competitions - do you enter them?

    A local Belfast comp:
  12. Car seats

    Info on the dangers of wearing coats in car seats: