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Welcome to the North Down parents forum.

Welcome to Bangor Mums!  We are a forum created by parents, for parents.  Our aim is to provide our members with friendship and support.  

We all need activities to keep our little ones busy, this is why we regularly arrange child friendly meet ups and encourage all members to get involved and be a part of our community, online and offline.  Feel free to ask us any questions and please make yourself at home!

Our members are friendly and non-judgemental making it a safe place to air thoughts and concerns.  Give it a try 👭

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  1. Toddlers, waddlers and Widdlers 10am-12, run by a lovely lady called Caroline. There isn't much information online about this mums and tots so best to phone the church office if you require any more information. Northdown CFC, 3 Glenford Way Newtownards BTR3 4BX. Contact number 028 91821721.
  2. New sleep doll

    Great marketing targetted atdesperate sleep deprived parents. In my experience its perseverance and trying to stick to a routine. I did use white noise (although not an app).They will sleep through when they are ready some sooner than others. I think they tend to settle by age 2-3.
  3. Insects/spiders etc

    I make hubby get rid any big spiders in the house. Everything else I squish and throw in the bin (blame that on where I grew up). We were out the front the other day with some of the other little girls in my street hunting for butterflies and catching lady birds. My eldest absolutely loved it, she brought a lady bug inside and wanted it to live with us but I managed to persuade her to let it live in our garden. She likes hunting for snails as well
  4. fionnuala mahood

    Hi Fionnuala! I did baby massage with my eldest and liked it too. Icant offer any advice on water babies though as I didn't do it with either of my two. Maybe you could try a taster session like Nic did and then make your mind up?
  5. Netflix Thread.

    Starting to think you have a thing for aussie TV shows!
  6. Cheerio challenge?!

    Yeah I have seen photos of that on facebook. I dont think it was specifically for new borns just any sleeping child.
  7. Indoor craziness

    You should try W5 for something different, my two love it there.
  8. Let's talk organising!

    I would love a walk in ward robe with a rotating shoe rack lol! My 3 year old has a small built in wardrobe in her room. It has hanging space and a couple of shelves. Most of her clothes are folded in piles but they soon get messy so drawers would be tidy. She has a small bookcase at the end of her bed. My 1 year old has a bigger built in wardrobe in her room which has a couple of drawers. It would be great if we didnt have all our junk stored in there!
  9. Home Insurance

    We are with Halifax its home and contents, we got a £50 cash back and it costs us £160.24 per year.
  10. Digestion times

    lol they need to add in Kebabs and Indian food
  11. Game of Thrones

    Season Final tomorrow night!!! Yay So battle of the bastards episode. It was pretty predictable that Sansa would turn up with the army from the Vale (but at what cost..marriage to little finger?), but she was great! I think her character has really hardened, particularly when she told John to expect Rickon to die. I thought Ramsay's death was fitting, eaten by his own hounds while Sansa watched. I hope that Arya is in the final episode with Bran, I think they need to tie up loose ends with these two. With most of the Villians killed off, I wonder who they will focus on now? That Iron Born guy Eurion? or the white walkers?
  12. What are you watching right now?

    My hubby and I have started watching a new series called Preacher on Amazon Prime, they only release one episode a week. It's based on an old comic book called Preacher. The first episode seemed very Quentin Tarentino, bit bloody in the fight scenes. So we are 4 episodes in and its alright so far.
  13. Can you resist junk food?

    If it's not in the house I can't eat it, that's my motto!
  14. Saving for christmas

    Haven't saved anything either, I was trying to get past all the birthdays! No excuse now though!